Program Benefits

  • Annual Salary 2020-2023
  • PL1 $69,747

    PL2 $72,488

    PL3 $77,969

Group of Residents
  • Professional Allowance (textbooks, equipment, exams, PDAs): $750/year
  • Conference Benefit: $1,500 for all 3 years QI Patient Safety Education Conferences: $3000 annual reimbursement
  • Dental Insurance
  • Disability Insurance including short and long term
  • Health Insurance including:

    Childbirth Education
    Hearing Aids

    Newborn Expenses
    Prescription Drugs
    Psychiatric – outpatient

    Smoking Cessation
    Substance Abuse Counseling
    Well Baby Care

  • Life Insurance
  • Optical: participant and eligible dependents: $100/year
  • Free Rosetta Stone
  • New York Sports Club Discounts
  • Free Legal Service for All House Staff

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Committee of Interns and Residents

All Jacobi Residents are members of the Committee of Interns and Residents (CIR), the nation's largest housestaff union. CIR directly negotiates housestaff contracts and provides many services to the residents.