Community Programs and Initiatives

Party for Patients


Jacobi is a partner in the Bronx Equity-Integrated Care for Kids (BE-InCK)- a 7 year, $16.7 million grant whose goals are to reduce expenditures and improve the quality of care for children under 21 years of age covered by Medicaid through prevention, early identification, and treatment of behavioral and physical health needs. The focus is to provide child and family-centered care. The BE-InCK Model supports providers to conduct early identification and treatment of children with health-related needs and integrated care coordination and case management for children with special needs in partnership with community providers.

Family Advocacy Clinic

Run by Dr. Olga Jimenez, FAC focuses on working with victims of sexual and physical abuse and their families. For more information on FAC please visit the program website.

Healthy Steps

Jacobi Pediatrics Clinic is now implementing the HealthySteps Model. HealthySteps is an evidence based model that promotes the health, well-being and school readiness of babies and toddlers. See the Healthy Steps Website for additional details.

Community Health Worker Program

The Jacobi Pediatrics Clinic’s Community Health Worker Program helps support families and provide targeted services based on patients’ and parents’ needs identified through universal social determinants of health screening. Services provided include assistance with Early Intervention and Committee of Special Education referrals, lead poisoning, food insecurity, housing assistance and childcare.

Reach Out and Read

Community Programs

Reach Out and Read is a research-driven intervention that provides children with books during pediatric checkups so that families can read to their children at home. Putting books in the hands of children and literacy resources in the hands of caregivers promotes literacy and family reading.

Family Weight Management Program

A multi-disciplinary clinic that treats obese children and their associated co-morbidities. The FWMP is run by our Ambulatory Care clinic attendings, Pamela Diamantis, MD and Hannah Keppler, MD who work with a registered dietician, social worker and an exercise trainer to treat the whole family. Additionally, weekly nutrition-exercise programs are available to patients 5-21 years old who are enrolled in the program, once medically cleared.

Pediatric Care Services (PCS) Clinic

Run by our Infectious Diseases experts, PCS clinic provides comprehensive care for our patients and families who are living with HIV disease.

Stand Up to Violence

SUV is Jacobi’s hospital-based community violence prevention initiative that works to improve outcomes in patients admitted for violent-related trauma and prevent community violence through the use of community outreach workers. The Program is based on the idea that violence is a disease and a public health issue, and should be treated with methods and strategies used to fight diseases. The SUV program started in august 2014 and is funded by the NY state department of criminal justice SNUG anti-violence initiative. SUV is NY State's only hospital-based community violence prevention initiative and has been identified by NY State as a “best in class model” looking to be replicated throughout the state to help decrease the effects of gun violence statewide. The program is comprised of a multidisciplinary team consisting of a physician, social workers, supervisors, hospital responders, and community outreach workers, who all work together to reduce the effects of violent trauma. Since its inception, the SUV program has achieved a statistically significant decrease in community shootings in designated target areas as well as improving rates of scheduled follow up visits and decreasing rates of re-injury in admitted violent trauma patients.