Yogangi Malhotra, MD

Department: Neonatology



Dr. Malhotra an Associate Professor and Neonatal Attending in the Division of Newborn Medicine. She is the Director of Pediatric Quality and Safety for the Department of Pediatrics. She conceptualized the curriculum for building quality capacity for the house-staff via Quality Improvement Residency Curriculum (QuIRC) and for the frontline physicians via Quality Improvement Curriculum (Jacobi QuIC). Dr. Malhotra is the Co-Chair of the NYC H+H NICU EPIC workgroup, NYCH+H Perinatal COVID Research Committee and the Jacobi Facility Based Collaborative Council (FBCC). She is an honorary clinical instructor for Walden University.

She is actively involved in the APA’s Digital Scholarship Working Group and AAP’s Clinical Leaders and Mid-Career Academic Neonatologist groups. In the past, Dr. Malhotra has participated in the development of the National ONTPD Neonatology Curriculum Project for neonatology fellows, NYSDOH and NICHQ’s joint collaborative called the “Breastfeeding Quality Improvement in Hospitals”, the New York State Chapter of the March of Dimes Advocacy and Government Affairs Committee and the Board of New York State Perinatal Association. Her interests are Quality, Psychology of Change, Neonatal/Perinatal Advocacy, Resident Mentorship and Education.

Education & Training

Undergraduate School:
St. Xavier’s College, India

Graduate School:
Easter Michigan University

Medical School:
University of Michigan


  • Internship and Residency: Golisano Children’s Hospital, University of Rochester
  • Neonatology Fellowship: Yale University School of Medicine

Other Training

Change Acceleration Process – Yale University Leadership Excellence in Healthcare Series

Institute of Healthcare Improvement – IHI Open School certification in areas of Improvement capability, patient safety, leadership, person- and family-centered care, triple aim for populations, and quality, cost and value.

Certified Lactation Counselor – The Healthy Children’s Center for Breastfeeding

Physician Leadership Certification – Center for Transformation and Innovation, Physician Leadership Development Program, Tampa, FL

Intermediate Improvement Science Series (I2S2) Course: James M. Anderson Center for Health Systems Excellence, Cincinnati Children’s Medical Center

Honors & Awards

6/2020 Exceptional Service Award
Albert Einstein College of Medicine. Lewis M Fraad Department of Pediatrics, Jacobi Medical Center. Annual Resident Graduation and Awards Ceremony

6/2018 Award for Best Resident Education
Albert Einstein College of Medicine. Lewis M Fraad Department of Pediatrics, Jacobi Medical Center. Annual Resident Graduation and Awards Ceremony.

8/2016 Best proposal to engage young families of New Rochelle for a healthier tomorrow (Prize $500)
New Rochelle Future. “Celebrating Breastfeeding Awareness Day at Montefiore New Rochelle”. Promoting breastfeeding in the community by celebrating breastfeeding awareness day

12/2014 Volunteer of the Year Award
March of Dimes Advocacy and Government Affairs Committee, NY Chapter, Annual Awards Ceremony

11/2012 Best clinical research abstract and presentation (Prize: $1000)
New York Medical College Department of Pediatrics. “Effect of birth hospital level and timing of transfer to Regional Perinatal Center on intact survival of extremely premature infants”. Assistant Professor Pediatric Research Symposium, 2nd Annual Symposium.

10/2010 Best Fellow’s Clinical Research Presentation
Barriers to Initiation of Minimal Enteral Feedings for Very Low Birth Weight Infants 36th Annual New England Conference on Perinatal Research.

Best individual international fellowship proposal (Prize $1000)
University of Michigan. International Institute Individual Fellowship. Best proposal for travel fellowship to work and volunteer in India


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